Saturday, February 28, 2015

Conley Group Security Officers Continue Critical Skills Education and Training at the Des Moines Regional Police Academy

A class of Conley Group’s Security Officers recently completed the law enforcement level Oleoresin Capsicum (OC Pepper Mace) Certification Course and phase one of the law enforcement Defensive Tactics Qualification Course (DTQC) at the Des Moines Regional Police Academy.

According to law enforcement training experts, whenever an officer has to fight a suspect to get him or her into custody, 85% of the time, the scuffle will result in ground fighting.  The objective is always for the police officer or security officer to get the suspect into custody without the officer or the suspect being hurt or killed.  The skills learned in defensive tactics, in conjunction with the weapons our officers carry, such a OC (Pepper) mace teach our officers the proper tactics, techniques, procedures and methods needed give them the highest probability of accomplishing the aforementioned objective safely.

Counter to the security industry standard where guards are not trained nor able to protect themselves or others because they are restricted to “observe and report” only in situations, The Conley Group’s Security Officers are actually able to protect themselves and others, and, are fully authorized to do so.  In fact, our security officers are trained and certified to law enforcement standards with all less-than-lethal as well as with lethal weapons (firearms) they carry.  Our security officers being trained in defensive tactics, OC (Pepper) mace and other weapons and tactics is a critical part of our overall education, training and qualification process.

Exposure (being sprayed) is a highly painful, but required, part of the law enforcement certification course.  Conley Group Security Officers are trained and certified to law enforcement standards on all non-lethal weapons they carry.

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